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Our Philosophy


Outdoor Media Works is a specialist in event driven Advertising, and Experiential Marketing. We Work Alongside the biggest Festivals and Events in Canada.

We understand the ever ­increasing competition for people’s time and attention, and focus our energy and inspiration on creating experiences that matter to your brand and your consumers alike. We are firm Believers that clients A.K.A. our partners should always come first. Our Aim is to lessen the load on your shoulders and offer you a Turn-Key Solution. Just Kick back and let us do what we do BEST!

Think of us as an Imagination Factory, a Think Tank always coming up with Crazy and Fun Ideas; if you can dream it, we can make it happen.


To put it simply; we’re forward ­thinking matchmakers and Problem Solvers. Not only do we make clever matches between brands like yours, and target, large­-scale events that host hundreds of thousands of participants; we also match and create content and experiences for your current (and now, soon to be) consumers.

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